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There are a few pictures here from the Lakeridge Region CJ97 precamp and some more of my trip to Old Fort William after CJ'97.

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I've been to four big Scout jamborees. The first was the Columbus Jamboree in southern Brazil, which was held on the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus' discovery of the Americas. Nearly every country in the Americas was represented at this event along with representives from various European countries at this "Reunion Jamboree" held on New Year's week of 1992-93.

At the Columbus Jamboree, I was on staff to help with a paintball activity, but it was called of several times due to rain, so I had lots of time to talk to people and I met many new friends from South America. In fact, at the end of the week, I had learned enough Portuguese to carry on a telephone conversation (sort of, anyway). I'll write more about that some time, and post it here too.

At the Scouts Canada Jamboree in 1993 (CJ '93), I worked on a program called "Home Town Newspapers." We visited various activities thoughout the camp where we took pictures of the Scout groups in action and sent them back to the local newspapers in their respective home towns.

Four years later, at CJ '97 near Calgary, I was involved in a program called "Desk Top Daily" in the Scoutship Enterprise. Here's a description of it from the CJ activity book:


The other "Enterprise" would be ionized by envy to see our hi-tech stuff and activities. Have fun; get involved; rise to the challenge. Some of the many exciting activities available for you to try are: TV production, radio announcing, drawing, painting, computer graphics and, yes, graffiti art. Are you intrigued by electronic gadgets? If you are, try your hand at some of the communication activities or build a project that you can take with you. Or take a turn being part of the jamboree youth newsletter production team. Surf the net. Build a model railroad or race a chuck wagon; learn how to restore a car; or rise to the formidable task of transporting dangerous cargo over land, air and sea as you tackle "Mission Impossible". Have a great time as you learn about career opportunities. Signal drums to lasers; pencils to computers; pantomime to television; geology to murder mysteries; it's all here for you to enjoy!

ACTIVITY J Desk Top Daily

Publish a daily newsletter by applying the skills of writing, editing, drawing, and layout. Use desktop publishing software.
Theme: Communication
Program Period: 1
Section(s): Scout/Venturer
Special Requirements: None

The latest jamboree for me was CJ'01 in Prince Edward Island. I helped with an activity called Celtic Crafts and learned everything I could about killicks (a kind of traditional boat anchor).

Here are a few links that still exist from the 1990s:

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  2. Yahoo Directory - Recreation: Outdoors: Scouting
  3. Scouting in Sweden Frontpage

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