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I have many personal interests (too many actually). Only a few of them are currently represented here. I've made pages for some of my major areas of interest, so you can get around my stuff more easily.

My Academic Work

I went "back to school" (as they say), most recently doing Ph.D.-level studies in Linguistics at the University of Ottawa. Previously I did a Master's degree in Theoretical Linguistics at York University in Toronto, graduating in the Fall of 2004. My honours B.A was granted in 1996 at the University of Toronto, where I began part-time studies in 1996. For more details on my academic work, see my Academic Research page.

My Other Web Sites

I've been designing web pages since about 1996, mainly as a hobby. The web sites I currently maintain are so numerous that I almost have to have a list to keep track of them myself.

Other Stuff on My Site

My Family

My brother, Brian, spent a year in Finland studying international business at the University of Tampere on an exchange from York University in Toronto. He's made numerous trips to Europe ever since. You can read about his experiences in Europe and what he's been doing lately by checking out Brian's Home Page.

My youngest brother, Dale, has a personal home page at Dale also runs the Coleco Adam Home Page which is one of the central sources of information about the classic Coleco Adam computer. After a few years in Toronto, Dale bought a brand new house in Brooklin with his wife, Jillian, and his son Jeffrey, who was born on January 4, 2002.

My other brother, Keith, works along with Brian at Brooklin Bulletin Signs.

All my bookmark links from before the turn of the century in one file (all links were verified in January, 1999).

Write me a message

I have an infinite number of e-mail addresses, but you should write to me at for the best response. My email there is normally delivered to my BlackBerry, so I should see it shortly after you send it.

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