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Rayovac Renewal Reusable Alkaline

Introducing the Exciting Renewal Battery System from Rayovac

. . . the only complete reusable alkaline battery and charger system on the market today. Rayovac has harnessed the long life of alkaline in a brand new reusable form.

The Renewal System represents a breakthrough in battery technology. We have prepared this pamphlet to help you better understand this new power system.

Why Should I Consider Renewal?

The Rayovac Renewal Reusable Alkaline System offers many advantages over other batteries.

Better than Regular Alkaline

Regular alkaline batteries are designed for single use only and then must be thrown away. A patented internal battery design makes it possible for Renewal to be reused 25 times or more.

Fresh out of its package, Rayovac Renewal will last nearly as long as a regular alkaline battery. Then, as you charge Renewal, the performance of each additional cycle will decline slightly. Over its life, Renewal will deliver 25 or more satisfactory cycles.

Renewal comes fully powered when purchased and has a shelf life of five years. It comes in the most popular battery sizes . . . D, C, AA and AAA, . . .so Renewal is interchangeable with the batteries you use every day. Renewal is ideal for your most frequently used devices.

In comparison to the number of regular single use alkaline batteries you would need to buy, one pack of Renewal will more than pay for the cost of the Power Station.

Better than Old-fashioned NiCd Rechargeables

Renewal outperforms NiCd rechargeable batteries.

On its initial charge, Renewal lasts up to three times longer than a NiCd. Unlike a NiCd rechargeable battery that must be charged before its first use, Renewal comes fully powered and ready to use.

Renewal will also retain its power in storage . . . up to five years. NiCd batteries lose one percent of their power each day, or 30% per month in storage.

And because Renewal does not have the memory problem associated with NiCd rechargeable batteries, you can charge them at any time without having to fully discharge. Renewal is a hassle free reusable battery.

Better for the Environment

NiCd rechargeable batteries contain cadmium and are the leading source of cadmium entering the waste stream. Many states require NiCd batteries to be collected or mailed back to the manufacturer. Renewal batteries have no cadmium added, are 99.975% mercury free, and will be mercury free next year. They can be safely disposed of in landfills and incinerators. They are the most environmentally responsible batteries available.

Renewal® Power Stations are Easy-to-use.

In addition to the batteries, Rayovac offers two Renewal Power Stations. These Power Stations or chargers are the most technically advanced in the industry. They feature a computer microchip to deliver maximum performance, cycles and service life time after time.

The portable wall unit will charge up to four AA or AAA Renewal batteries. The tabletop unit can charge any combination of up to eight D, C, AA or AAA Renewal batteries.

Convenient charging lights indicate your Renewal batteries are inserted correctly and taking a charge. They turn off when fully eharged. Renewal AA and AAA size batteries will charge in 3-5 hours, C and D size will charge overnight.

To ensure safety and prevent accidental charges, no other type of battery can be charged in Renewal Power Stations. Likewise, Renewal batteries can be charged only in a Renewal Power Station. Renewal Power Stations are U.L. listed.

Big Savings for You

Because Renewal can be reused 25 times or more, it will greatly reduce the number of regular throw-away batteries you must buy. Depending on the number of battery operated devices you have and how often you use them, your savings can be huge. You quickly recoup the cost of the Power Station.

Renewal®. . .the New Power in Batteries

Renewal Reusable Alkaline batteries and Power Stations are made in the U.S.A.

If you have questions about Renewal:
Call 1-800-237-7000 or write:
Rayovac Corporation
Attention: Consumer Services
P.O. Box 44960
Madison, WI 53744-4960

Si vous avez des questions au sujet de Renewal:
Composez le 1-800-237-7000 ou écrivez à:
Rayovac Canada Limitée
Attention: Service à la clientèle
5448 Timberlea Blvd.
Mississauga (Ontario)
L4W 2T7

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