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I bought my first Apple Newton in May, 1995. I started off with an Original Message Pad (OMP), but I sold it to my friend, so I ended up with an MP100, but still the same problem: what to do about batteries.

I heard about Rayovac's Renewals rechargeable alkaline batteries, but it was many months before I ever saw them in Canada. There are batteries called "Pure Energy" made in Nova Scotia, Canada, but they only come in the AA size. These ones are available at Radio Shack and most large department store chains.

I've bought some AAA Renewals, and they seemed to work well. I had a problem with the PackFixer package, but everything started working once I archived PackFixer.

I decided to make available the text of Rayovac Canada's brochure in both English and French, since there was no information on the web at the time.

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