Subject: The Reason why DFN is still operating

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From: (Neil MacDonald)
Subject: The Reason why DFN is still operating.
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Date: Sun, 1 Jun 1997 17:01:33 GMT

                        NOTICE TO MEMBERS

The DFN has remained on line, despite the scheduled shutdown, only because of
the generosity of the Free-Net's landlord, Dr. John Bruno.

In discussions with a member of the action group that has submitted a formal
proposal for saving the DFN, Dr. Bruno has made it clear that this is a
temporary reprieve to give the action group time to reach an agreement with
the DFN's advisory committee.

It is uncertain how much longer you will be able to keep logging in. For the
present, only good faith and personal trust between Dr. Bruno and the action
group are keeping the DFN on line.

>From the users action group

My thoughts

I wanted to get this posted ASAP. I do not have the permission of the
person who negotiated this agreement with Dr. Bruno late last night, so
I cannot reveal it right now. I will get it. I feel that you, the members,
should know who gave up part of their Saturday night to negotiate this
agreement. Without it, we would not be enjoying the use of DFN today.

Dr. Bruno, on behalf of all of the members of the DFN, I say thank
you very much. This gesture means so much to us and we do appreciate
your kindness.

To the member of the Action Committee that worked with Dr. Bruno to come
to this understanding, again on behalf of the members, thank you very

Yes, we will get there.



                                Neil MacDonald

                     ** Keep smiling and have a great day **


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