Subject: DFN Users Group Meeting

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From: (Paula Wilson)
Subject: DFN Users Group Meeting
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Organization: Durham Free-Net
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Date: Fri, 16 May 1997 05:45:26 GMT

Dear Durham Free-Net Member,

AS you may or may not be aware, the proposed closure of DFN is being
contemplated and is effective May 31st, 1997.

In light of the above, a member driven initiative of DFN users, has called
a meeting of other dfn members, namely, the DFN Users Group Meeting.

This meeting is being called to review options that will see the DFN
through it's current crisis and attempt to ensure it's survival.

We urge you to clear your schedule and make note of the location, date and
time of this very important meeting and the agenda that follows.  It is
our chance for the DFN Users Group to unite and hopefully
influence/encourage directional change of the DFN.  This meeting is our
opportunity to discuss the past problems, not to rehash them, but to use
them to move forward with steps toward overcoming these current problems
by forming and putting into practice new ideals and business practices,
that will be brought forth by this direct meeting of the minds.

Key speakers and panellists have been urged to participate at the entire
event. WE have asked them to confirm their attendance to Neil MacDonald, a
DFN member.  Regardless of the willingness of some of the requested
speakers/panellists, the meeting will be held, and their lack of
participation will be noted.

We believe that the panellists and speakers will be there in order to see
if we can constructively look at ways of possibly saving DFN.

Space is limited to hold 150 people, the meeting will start punctually at 
7 pm. so we strongly recommend arriving no later than 6:30 to ensure
proper seating.

We look forward to your attendance and positive input/contribution to the


Paula Wilson

              Save Durham Free-Net. Time is of the Essence!
          We urgently and respectively request that you attend
                      The DFN Users Group Meeting

Here is the Agenda of scheduled events for this important meeting.

WHERE: Oshawa Public Library Auditorium 65 Bagot Street, OSHAWA
WHEN:  Thursday May 22nd, 1997
TIME:  7 pm - 10 pm
(wheelchair accessible)
There is a $5.00 admission charge to help cover costs of this
meeting.  Speakers and Panellists may donate, but are not required
to pay the admission cost.


 Ian R. Desjardins   - Opening Remarks, Welcome and Call to Order****
 (5 min)             - 30 sec.  Self-Introduction/Commercial by each
                       person in attendance
                     - Delegation of Team Leaders from General

 John Norman         - History of the DFN
 (10 min)

 Al Chapman          - Financial overview *****
 (10 min)              - past
                       - current

 Veronica MacPhee    - The difficulties of being President/Chairperson
 (5 min)               of a "Non-Profit" cyber-organization.

 John Brady          - Legal ramifications of DFN/Bylaws
 (10 min)              as it applies to...
                        - Board members fiduciary responsibilities***
                        - Board Member/Advisory Committee Due
                          Diligence Processes as they relate to the DFN
                          shut-down and/or other proposal options
                        - The entity's legal liabilities

 Joel Burgess        - Technical aspects of DFN
 Brett Philp
 (10 min)

Sponsors(paid/free)  - Sponsorship aspects

 Panel               - Brian Hopkins, Pat Ward, Chesley Feltham,
 (10 min)              Robert McCleery, Brett Bowdring
                     - Topic: Past/present trouble with the DFN

 Panel               - Paula Wilson, Colin O'Neill, Jack McLellan,
 (10 min)              Veronica MacPhee, ??? members??
                     - Topic: Solutions to the problems

Norm Taylor          - DREDAC
 (10 min)            

* BREAKOUT "THINK TANKS" -duration 1/2 hr.
*                         "Think Tank" TOPICS...Financial Outcomes
*                                               Legal Outcomes
*                                               Tech Outcomes
*                                               Solutions Outcomes
*********** General membership to attend group of their choice ************

     Team Leaders for each "Think Tank" delegated by Chair of meeting

                 TABLED REPORTS OF EACH "THINK TANK"  (15 min. each)
               * Results of each individual group topic
                 delivered by a General Member and/or
                 Team Leader of each "Think Tank" Table.

                    *****   Open Discussion   *****
                                to be
TBA             *  Recorded by third party individual

(30 min)             ---     REFRESHMENT BREAK     --- ********

TBA                  - Third party correlation report
(15 min)               and prioritization of action items

All                  -Motions ***********************
(15 min)

 Ian R. Desjardins   - Meeting Chair Summary of days activities********
(15 min)             - Challenge General Membership to take upthetask.
                     - Delegation of "Do"able Action Items to...
                                General members
                                Team Leaders
                                Current board
                                Past board
                                Advisory committee

All                  - Motions *************
(15 min)

 Team Leaders        - Will meet with existing board
                       and the meeting Chairperson in 2 wks time
                       and report to General Membership
                       through DFN, the results of the
                       Action Items.

 Ian R. Desjardins   - Closure/Thankyou's


** Paula Wilson **

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