Subject: The Action Committee Report

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From: (Neil MacDonald)
Subject: The Action Committee Report
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Date: Fri, 30 May 1997 01:13:25 GMT

Things have been moving so fast that it has been very difficult to pass on
information. Finally, things are coming together.

A preliminary proposal for the servival of DFN has been given to the Advisory
Committee, which was set up by the Board of DFN, to oversee the orderly
shut down of DFN. As you have been informed by Advisory Committee, the DFN
is scheduled to cease operation on May 31, 1997.

The Advisory Committee has been receptive to the proposal that was
submitted by the Action Committee. After studying the proposal, they gave
a list of questions that they needed addressed. The Action Committee met
last night to address these questions. The answers will be e-mailed to the
Advisory Committee today.

No doubt, the Advisory Committee will request a meeting with the Action
Committee to further discuss the proposal. At this point in time, we have
no idea when this meeting will take place. The request for a meeting will
come from the Advisory Committee.

                    What does the proposal contain?

At the May 22nd meeting, Mr George Ramos made a proposal to the members.
The main points are:
- rent free space for the DFN equipment.
- access to telephone lines for DFN.
- help in maintenance of the system that belongs to DFN. DFN members will
  work in conjunction with Mr Ramos's staff in keeping the DFN equipment

This is a temporary arrangement until the members of DFN can reorganize,
find funding and eventually a new home for their equipment. In return, Mr
Ramos will receive advertising privileges for sponsoring the telephone
lines. This advertising privilege will remain in effect until the DFN can
afford to have its own quarters.

                             Please Note:

At all times during this arrangement, the control of the equipment and the
content that belongs to DFN will remain in the control of DFN. Mr Ramos's
offer is a very generous one to an organization that is virtually
bankrupt. We thank George for this offer.

                          What happens next?

The Action Committee must wait for a decision from the Advisory Committee.
On request, the Action Committee will immediately provide any additional
information that may be requested by this Committee.

Even if the Advisory Committee accepts the proposal on Friday, the DFN
must cease to operate temporarily. The present space in Oshawa, that
houses the main equipment, must be vacated by the end of this month. The
equipment that is located in Ajax requires the Oshawa equipment to
operate. Ajax does not operate independently of Oshawa.

Therefore, the DFN will be ceasing, its present, operation as of May 31,
1997. To give an honest answer, the shut down could be permanent, down for
a week or two, down for a few days or down for a few hours. At this point
in time, the answer to this very important question is not known. If the
Advisory Committee reject the proposal then the DFN will cease to operate
permanently. If the Advisory Committee accepts the proposal then the DFN
will come back to life. At this point Bell Canada enters the picture.
Telephone lines must be transferred to the new location or new lines will
have to be installed. We will be totally at the mercy of Bell Canada as to
how long this will take.

The Action Committee has been working hard and will continue to work hard
to see that this proposal is accepted by the Advisory Committee. To my
knowledge, this is the only proposal that has been put before the

                   We need the members help.

Since the DFN will cease to operate on May 31, 1997, we need to come up
with a method of keeping you, the members, informed of what is happening.
Please, please let us know of any suggestions that you might have in how
this problem can be solved. The only suggestion from the meeting last
night is a follows.

Needed two or three individuals from
            and any other area that is long distance from the above, to
allow their names and telephone numbers to be used by members to get
updates on what is happening. The Action Committee will keep these
individuals informed of happenings. The rest of the members can get
updated information from these people.

                      Will it work?
                      Has anybody an alternative suggestion?
                      Please, who will volunteer?

I am cetain that a further update on happenings will be posted sometime on

Neil MacDonald

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